Sunday, August 23, 2009

Buck Lake: last hike of the summer?

This one may have been our last hike for the summer. Now it is time to get back to work. But that doesn't mean we won't try to get in some fall hikes!

The boys and I went up to Buck lake in Hansville. There were some nice walking trails that led to a swampy area called the quiet place. We also took a short trail to the edge of the lake. There was no one else around that day so it was very quiet and peaceful. I think we ended up hiking about 2 miles. There were no hills on this hike, so it was very easy.
After the hike, we went to the beach at Point No Point. A little girl started talking to Torsten and asked him if she could help him dig a hole. He said ok, and then she started ordering him around. He was very nice and did everything she told him to.
There were a lot of people out fishing that day. I'm not sure what kind of fish they were looking for, but something in shallow water as most of them were just standing in the water along the beach. You can see them all along the beach in this picture:

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stephanie said...

My dad is sitting next to me looking at the post and he says there is a local species of salmon that swims close to shore during it's migration. So, maybe the mystery is solved (except that he can't remember which type).