Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Addition to the Robinson Pet Farm

Meet Cornelius, the corn snake. I have been telling Steve and the boys no to a snake for years now. I finally gave in so that I could buy myself some more time before having to get another dog. This little guy is kind of cute because he is so small. But I am not going to have any part of the feeding. He eats a "gourmet rodent" about once a week. This "gourmet rodent" has no qualities that make it gourmet, except maybe its size. It is a tiny, innocent just-born mouse.

The boys are very excited about this new pet and want to hold him as soon as they get home from school. Simon held him a couple of days ago and got to experience the first poop, which managed to get on the carpet and on his face. Snake poop is more difficult to get out of the carpet than dog poop, so I hope that from now on he/she (because how do you tell the sex of a snake?) does its business inside of its home where someone else will be in charge of cleaning it.

That's it for today.

We are back at school and tired and busy. No time for blogging.

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Anonymous said...

I have a corn snake too! She's a baby, so she's really cute, especially when she drinks.