Sunday, August 9, 2009

He's No Ichiro

When they announce the Mariner's in batting order at the games, the crowd always cheers louder for Griffey than for Ichiro. I get a little disappointed with the fans when that happens. I like Griffey (we did go to the game to get his bobblehead and he hit a homerun for us), but let's show some love for the guy who's been a loyal player, who could play for team that actually makes it to the playoffs or even the World Series.

We made it to the game on Friday just in time to get our bobbleheads. Safeco opened earlier than stated on the website and we heard they ran out of bobbleheads shortly after we arrived. It's a good thing we took the earlier ferry (one boat earlier than we took to get Ichiro bobbleheads).

The boys wanted to get food right away. Simon got some chicken tenders for $10. Seriously, $10 for chicken tenders! Shortly after getting them he was being his usual clumsy self and dumped it upside down on the ground. He started picking it up and eating it, and I said, "Oh, but it's all dirty now." He replied, "That's ok, I'll eat it anyway." Am I a bad mother that I didn't want to spend another $10 on chicken tenders and just let him eat it off the ground?

Once we made it to our seats, we found out that we weren't the only people to have tickets for those seats. They ended up moving us, because we were in wheelchair section and didn't need to be whereas the other group had one person in a wheelchair. It worked out well for us as we ended up with better seats.

Not only is the food expensive at Safeco, drink prices are ridiculous. You can't bring drinks in, and after dinner and popcorn those boys were thirsty. I bought two bottles of lemonade and a bottle of water for $13. I could get over 100 water bottles at Costco for that price. There's a reason we can't go to more games. Torsten tried to help out by buying his own dippin' dots, but then Simon who had no money of his own insisted that he needed ice cream too. That's was another $5 for a single scoop of vanilla. It all added up to a pretty expensive day, but I guess it's not as bad as other parks in the country. There is a reason that when the Red Sox come to Seattle half the crowd is dressed in red (I think it might be cheaper to fly here from Boston for the weekend than buy seats at Fenway).

We had to leave early to catch the ferry, but the Mariners did win. They won last time we came to a game as well. In fact, I think the M's have won all the games we've been to in the last couple of years. Maybe we bring good luck with us. Too bad we can't bring it a little more often.

And not totally unrelated, here's a funny picture of Ichiro when he met Obama. He has such a goofy grin on his face it makes me laugh.

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