Sunday, August 2, 2009

This weekend we had to say goodbye to our first baby, Zeus. He had a lot of health problems that kept getting worse each day. We hated seeing him sitting around the house in pain, waiting to be carried up and down the stairs, and being heavily drugged so that he could walk. We had a good twelve years together and we will miss him.

He was a good travel companion and came with us to St. George and Cannon Beach several times.

He tolerated our two kids, and even let them cuddle once in a while:

He watched over our other pets:

He joined in for games in the backyard:

He slept in the sun and didn't even complain that we weren't taking him for a walk instead:

He licked the glass on the back door when he was ready to eat his dinner:

He took an interest in what the boys were getting for Christmas (after all, it could make good chewing material):

He eagerly awaited the opportunity to clean up anything I might have accidentally dropped on the kitchen floor (such a good helper):

And he slept with one eye open so he could make sure that we stayed close by:

We love you Zeus!


Steve said...

Thanks for that. He was a good dog and will be missed. We did/do love you Zeus.

rob said...

While Zeus was never a fan of me, he was a good dog and will be missed. Thanks for all the stinky ones Zeus.