Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Too Busy!

I have been too busy to post anything lately until this guy got sick and needed me to stay home with him. I really should stay home from work more often because I really got a lot done including laundry, grading, prep work for the CBA (don't ask) and shampooing the carpet on the stairs. All of this was easily accomplished while Torsten and his buddy spent the day on the couch. I'm sure he'll be back to his usual self tomorrow.Our busy Saturday included working on Simon's science project. I'll let him explain his project a little later, but it included lots of cookie baking and some measurement.

And then cookie eating, which obviously was the whole point of choosing a science project related to chocolate chip cookies.
Sunday included a pointless trip to Seattle for a very boring clinic that should have been skipped. Let's just say that the presenter was not an experienced teacher and he had definitely never heard of powerful teaching and learning. Maybe you have not heard about it either, but it's basically what makes learning active, engaging, and relevant (and keeps you from falling asleep). Afterwards we took a ferry to Bremerton. Steve did this:
I did this:

In case you are wondering, this is an essay on why TV is educational. Why do I assign such boring assignments? Because it's one of the prompts that the computer can grade for me. Then I just go through and read and leave a few comments so the students know that I read what they wrote.

And now we are in for another busy week full of lacrosse practices, swimming lessons, dentist appointments, meetings, and other un-fun stuff (by the way, stuff is a word that my students are not allowed to use in their writing). Can't wait for Spring Break!

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