Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Spring Break Report: Day 1

We were very tired on our first day of Spring Break. Our plane got us in to Vegas a little bit late and by the time we picked up the rental car and drove to St. George (with a brief stop at Smiths in Mesquite for some stay-awake snacks), it was 2:30 AM SG time. The boys were up early the next morning and ready for some breakfast and swimming. I skipped the pool (thank you swimming lessons for making my boys independent swimmers) and took the role of documenting the experience.

We then went out to run some errands. After a stop at Target, we hit Bajio for some lunch. Torsten got my favorite, shrimp tacos. I ate one of his tacos; they were good. Steve got a burrito classico with chicken, which I had some of, but it wasn't as good as the tacos. The chicken was a little dry.

It was nice just to be out in the sun. The temp was under 70, but it was warm enough for us to be out in shorts and t-shirts. Notice our rental car, a mini-van, so that we can blend in with the locals.

And who can resist a stop at Costco? We had to make sure that St. George didn't have something ours was missing. I think they had most of the same stuff, but the biggest problem was that I was exhausted from our lack of sleep the night before. I sat down at a patio set while Steve and Torsten were looking at books, and I fell asleep. After a quick nap it was time to check out the food section and, of course, the samples. But there was something strange about sampling here. They just stick the food on a tray for you to pick up with your hands--no cups, no napkins, no eating utensils. One particularly disturbing sight was the lady with plastic gloves covered in mango goo placing small cubes of mango on the tray for people to pick up with their bare hands. I mean, have they not heard of toothpicks in St. George? And the ironic thing about it is that at every sample station there was a sign that said, "Due to health code, please wait for food to be placed on the tray before touching." So weird. What about all the germs hitting the tray from people's hands as they pick it up? And I saw several people taking more than one serving. I skipped the samples altogether as did the rest of the family despite Torsten's protests.

After a post-Costco nap it was time for dinner. We decided to try Samarai 21, which everyone but me had been to before. It is one of those Asian restaurants where they cook the meal at the table. I was tired and cranky and didn't like how the hostess wanted to seat us so that we were squeezed in at the corner of the table. It wasn't the best set-up for conversation and kind of awkward since we were seated with a group of people we didn't know. But the cooking part was kind of fun and the boys enjoyed it.

Later in the evening we played some Yahtzee and Uno, and even got Steve to break away from the computer to join us.
There is not much planned for today. We are going to head out to a park in St. George for some rock climbing and exploring. Then, who knows?

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