Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lacrosse in the rain

Torsten had a lacrosse game this weekend in Auburn. It was nice and sunny all day until about 10 minutes prior to the game start. Then we had rain. We love sports in the rain!

The sun did come out a few times during the game to give us a little reprieve.

Torsten's team was crushed by the Lake Tapps team. They were older, bigger, and had about twice the number of players as Kitsap. Torsten stepped in at the end of the game to play goalie and did a great job. He played defense for most of the game and seemed to handle the long stick pretty well.

After the game, we picked up some new Vans for Simon at the Tacoma Mall and then went for some dinner at Chevy's. We thought the whole meal was good and seemed to be about an average wait for the size of the crowd in the restaurant. But at the end of the meal, the waitress said she took $5 off because of the long wait. Bonus!

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