Monday, February 9, 2009

What we've been up to lately

Did you know that Simon likes to make crazy faces for the camera? In fact, it's pretty hard to get him to have a normal face in a picture unless he doesn't know you are taking his picture.

Here are a few pictures from a couple of weeks ago when the Volvo had an appointment in Bellevue. It was a long appointment, so we took a loaner and visited Rob. It was our first visit to his apartment. While we were there, he entertained the boys with a little guitar lesson.

We also visited the cousins in Redmond that day, but the photographic evidence of that visit is weak.

We had lunch with the cousins here:

If you get the chance to go there, you should. It was yummy!


stephanie said...
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stephanie said...

Hooray for blogging!

I'm glad to see Steve enjoy our chair - not that face really reads enjoyment, though.

Also - our kitchen table looks so puny!