Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Patrick!

We are hanging out with some kids today while we wait for baby Patrick to be born. We met up with a couple of the cousins at the hospital this morning and waited while the youngest tornado whipped up some dust in the lobby. I think the security guard sighed with relief when we were finally ready to leave.

This kid just has too much energy to sit somewhere and wait, so off we went to the waterfront park. We were the only people there even though the sun was out and the cold was not so bad (at least after we warmed up with a little movement). We did some running around and swinging on the swings (Steve included) and even walked a little on the beach. And anytime you have boys and rocks, there will be rock throwing. When my boys were that young we went out to throw rocks in the water a few days a week. They could do it for hours. It must be a boy thing.

Now we are back home waiting for the baby to come and things are getting a little bit crazy. I think we may need another trip to the park or something. It sounds like a game of Blokus will help.

Well, we just heard that the baby was born, so now what? I'm not really sure.

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