Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Puka Dogs Kauai

We've been in Kauai for a couple of days and so far are having a great time. There is too much to spend time blogging about, but the highlights can be seen on flickr. I should mention the Puka Dogs, however, since my dad gave us the info and a little spending cash to check it out.

They are a little different than a regular dog. The bun is big and uncut. They stab it on a spear then pour some sauce and relish into the hole then stuff in the dog and put a little more sauce on the top. They were good. Steve says they are maybe the best dog he's had (and not just that day!).

These dogs don't come cheap, however. Four dogs and three lemonades set us back $32. But that seems to be typical for Hawaii. We saw a box of twinkies at the grocery store for $8. You have to really love some twinkies to spend that kind of money on them.

The boys also seemed to enjoy the Puka Dogs.

After the Puka dogs we shared some Puka shaved ice, with ice cream on the bottom. It was pretty good and as you can see the boys enjoyed it too.

The house here is great. More on that later.

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