Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Mosquitos Love Me

Seriously. I have bites all over. I'm itching constantly. But other than that things are going well here in Kauai. All the boys want to do is swim in the pool. They are in there a couple of times a day, and last night they also tried out the hot tub. They complain when we try to take them somewhere, but as soon as we get going they forget about the pool.

Yesterday we took them to Queen's Bath, but the water was a little rough. After some further reading in the guide books last night, we realized that we may not have been in the correct spot, so we will have to check that out again. We were hoping for some swimming and seeing cool fish, but instead we found some rough waves and a warning that we could be swept out to sea.

Later most of the family went on a boat tour of the Napali Coast. Simon said it was better than video games.

Plans for today include a farmer's market in Hanalei and Anini Beach. Maybe a lighthouse and who knows what else. If you'd like to see more of our Hawaii adventures, check out flickr.

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