Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cops: Kauai

Today was an interesting day. Steve wanted to go to Costco to develop his underwater film pictures, so we left the kids here at the house and headed to Lihue for some Costco shopping and with plans to check out the fern grotto and other things. The film scanner at Costco was broken so we skipped that and thought we try Wal-Mart. But before we made it out of the parking lot, this happened:
Steve was pulling out and saw a guy coming at him from behind. He said, "I don't think this guy's going to stop," and tried moving forward back into the spot. But not fast enough. The guy got us as we were trying to move out of his way. So the police were called, I spent a whole lot of time on the phone with the insurance company, and it will probably cost us some money even though it wasn't our fault.

We then traded in the car for a mini-van at Hertz. The van they gave us smelled like urine, so I asked for a new one. When we got close to Princeville, Steve realized he still had the keys for the first van in his pocket. So now we will be making another trip to Hertz before we leave. Fun! Even though most of our plans for the day were altered, we did get to see these great sights:

And we got some yummy cookies at a bakery in Kilauea. (Do you realize how hard it is to spell and pronounce all these Hawaiian place names?)

The boys skipped the shopping and spent the afternoon at the beach. They decided to go for some surf lessons, except for Torsten (not sure why, but I think he wishes he had). I will post some video of that tomorrow. Right now, Youtube is not being cooperative.

They had fun with that, so we may be going back for more of that tomorrow. Also on the agenda: hiking, kayaking, and ziplining!

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