Monday, July 25, 2011

Two Days in New York


My first impression of New York was that it was dirty, smelly, and just plain gross. The day I arrived, the temps were in the 80s and it was HUMID! No sun; just a hot, sweaty, smelly place. The subway tunnels were like an oven, and they were baking garbage and urine.

I decided to drop off my luggage at a luggage storage company and take the Staten Island Ferry. I figured I’d get a view of the Statue of Liberty and a breeze. The day was not a good one for photography—all hazy and gray—but that didn’t stop people on the ferry from crowding along the sides of the ferry to grab their shot. Here’s my crappy view. I took one picture and decided it wasn’t worth it. Better ones can easily be found on the internet.


After the trip, I headed back to where my luggage was located which happened to be in the same neighborhood as Macy’s and the Empire State building. I had a look around Macy’s, which is HUGE! They had these old wooden escalators…


and a couch where I took a little rest and thought “wouldn’t it be nice to have a non-broken, comfy couch like this at my house.


I just looked at the Empire State building. No need for a tour. I needed a nap. But I didn’t get one because I spent almost 30 minutes sweating in the subway tunnel waiting for the number 1 train to take me to Columbia.

Today we were given some interesting ideas on how to use music to teach history, with a performance by Bob, the sheriff. (I don’t think he’s a real sheriff.) That was followed by a “Gangs of New York” tour, where I got completely drenched from today’s rain (no umbrella or rain coat) and saw this:


(From Law and Order and totally unrelated to the gangs of New York, although modern day gang members may find themselves here sometimes).

Yesterday I walked past this:


and this:


(from Ghostbusters—in case you didn’t know).

Here’s a little view of my room. Dorm life is smaller in New York. This is actually a double room, although in my opinion it is just too small for two people.


There is a second bed, just out of view next to this one, with less than a foot of space between them. Better like your roommate! Glad I don’t have one.

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