Friday, July 23, 2010

Project Canine Confinement and Seabrook Pictures

It's not easy to keep this dog confined to one space. He always seems to find a way to escape. We tried different furniture arrangements, but he just kept finding a way to jump through the opening in the living room. We needed a gate for the widest part of the hallway which could only be purchased online. We also needed something that Simon could open and walk through, so I decided to build one.
In other news, last week we took a little break from summer to visit Seabrook on the Washington coast. We never saw the sun the whole time we were there and I actually forgot it was July. But the boys enjoyed the house and beach anyway.
Freckles liked it too.
He really liked being off his leash on the beach, so much so that he didn't want to come back to us. I really thought we might have to run to Ocean Shores to catch him, but eventually the birds he was chasing turned around and we were able to capture him.

One day we stopped in Ocean Shores for some lunch at La Chica Taqueria. It was good and the owner/chef/cashier (she does it all) was kind of like the soup Nazi from Seinfeld. She even threw a box at one customer when he tried to order steak tacos which were not on the menu.
The boys split a burrito. The menu claims them to be one and a half pound burritos. Torsten wasn't sure he'd get enough by splitting, but then he got a churro for dessert. My mom and dad came along to see the Coastal Living Idea house. It was nice, but I thought it was too much money (2 million) to spend on a place where there's no sun.

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