Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Now that school is out, I might actually have some time for blogging. Lately, I've been busy with this guy.
Don't let his good looks fool you. He is one tough case.
Not only does he dig holes in the back yard, he chews through laptop power cords (there's another excuse for not blogging), eat socks, and requires constant supervision.

We are only two days away from obedience graduation, although, I'm not sure he'll make it. He's definitely not going to be graduating cum laude.

Moving on to the other kids...Simon got a head start on his summer reading and already finished three books and wrote book reports for them. I've promised $5 for each book he reads this summer, so at this rate, I could owe him a pretty big sum.

Torsten finished 6th grade this week. And although not a perfect student, he did get the President's award. Here's looking forward to 7th grade, a new school, new friends, playing football, and five teachers (he's not really looking forward to that).
Now we have two months of more dog training, lacrosse, and maybe turning the backyard into a mini-golf course. The holes are ready to go!

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