Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in L.A.

Spent the morning after Christmas looking at fossilized bones at La Brea tar pits.
Simon was really excited about being there. He let us know how excited he was about our day every five minutes.
Then we decided to join the other tourists at Pinks for lunch. 40 minutes in line and nothing special, although I did chose a plain turkey dog.

I believe I was wise to skip anything with chili, since it looks like it is loaded with grease.

Then some more touristy stuff: Hollywood Blvd. Did not pay any celebrity look-alikes or costumed characters for a picture. Steve, however, did his best Chuck Norris pose and we took his picture. He didn't charge us for his services.
Had dinner at one of Stacey's favorite restaurants. The food was good, portions were big (too dark for photographic evidence), and I'm pretty sure this guy was at a table next to us.
What to do tomorrow? Hmmm...

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