Thursday, July 2, 2009

We're Back!

We are now home. It was a great trip, and we wished we could have stayed even longer. There are beaches we didn't get a chance to explore, things we didn't get to see, activities we didn't get a chance to do. Next time: spend more time at the beach, go on ATV rides, go to a luau, eat out more.

We didn't eat out much at all while we were there, which was good because the food there is expensive. But we missed out on tasting some of the local cuisine. So on our last night "on island" we went to Hamura Saimin, which we read was a local favorite. It was definitely a dive. It only had a couple things on the menu. We got noodles, beef and chicken skewers, and lilikoi pie. It was cheap and pretty good. There was a huge line shortly after we got there, so that is usually a good sign. We sat and chatted with a local couple (lived in Kauai their whole lives) and got some pointers on what to order and how to make your own hot sauce with hot mustard and a black liquid (not sure what that was). I really liked the chicken and the pie. Simon didn't want anything at all to eat, but then he tasted my noodles and took over the bowl.

Can't wait to go back to Kauai again. I even started looking at real estate online, although I don't think we could ever afford to buy a place there. (Most places in the area in which we stayed were several million dollars). Thanks Janet for taking us on a great trip!

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